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PowerCorp strives to be the leading distributor of specialist device connectivity products in the Australian market..

Barix announces new network intercom

The Barix Annuncicom 200 is a network-based intercom device Ė an ideal solution for monitoring entrances and providing intercom and alarm functionality in large residential, commercial, public, and military building complexes. including: airports, production facilities, shopping malls, and remote facilities. Using standard IP protocols the device is fully interoperable over LAN and WAN (Internet) connections.


PowerCorp thrives on solving applications requirements. We actively encourage both end users and integrators to seek our assistance in designing solutions.

We offer considerable experience and professional expertise across a wide range of communications requirements. Even if we donít offer products that will solve the requirement we are only too happy to offer educated advice and to refer you to an appropriate specialist who can help you. There are few networking and communications applications that we donít understand very well.

We specialise in

Just ask us - How can I

  • connect my alarm panels to the network
  • establish secure remote control of the servers, routers switches and computers in each of my branch offices
  • ensure that my racks in the data centre cannot be accessed by unauthorised individuals
  • notify the appropriate staff member immediately if a specific event occurs
  • quickly integrate Ethernet and Web server capability in my own products
  • transport my audio stream over a TCP/IP network

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