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Barix announces new network intercom

The Barix Annuncicom 200 is a network-based intercom device an ideal solution for monitoring entrances and providing intercom and alarm functionality in large residential, commercial, public, and military building complexes. including: airports, production facilities, shopping malls, and remote facilities. Using standard IP protocols the device is fully interoperable over LAN and WAN (Internet) connections.


Campus public address and emergency management

Whether it is a school or a University campus, a multi-story building or a distributed manufacturing site we can provide an integrated public address system over the local area network. This is becoming increasingly important for disaster management and lock down procedures. Barix provides multiple solutions for the audio input at the paging station including the Instreamer. The Barix Exstreamer family will then accept the audio streams that are directed to them and will provide high quality audio output to traditional amplifiers and speakers.

These streams may include announcements, period bells in schools or musical entertainment.

Radio Broadcasting

Barix Instreamer and Exstreamers are widely deployed in Australia for the purposes of radio re-broadcasting and the transmission of CD quality audio over the wide area network. They are also used to monitor traditional audio networks at the stage where it is output as analogue audio. This applies particularly to silence detection that would indicate a failed output.

Networked home audio systems

Of course the Exstreamer is great for the smart home, distributing synchronised or quite different audio streams to various parts of the home. With each unit having a remote controller, it is easy to set up and manage. The Exstreamers will play from multiple different software jukeboxes.

Intercom Systems

The Annuncicom combines both an Instreamer an Exstreamer in one package to form a fully fledged audio intercom over IP networks. This can be deployed as a door access controller using the integrated relays.

Instore Audio

The Exstreamer makes it possible to download and store music and advertising on an Exstreamer for playback during opening hours. This can be overridden by the host system at any time to make new or occasional announcements.

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