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Leading Device Connectivity

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Masters of Connectivity

Network connectivity has become a requirement for many traditional devices. These devices typically have a serial interface or in some cases a USB interface. Users wish to be able to connect to these devices over their networks.

PowerCorp pride themselves on being the "Masters of Connectivity". We offer the leading products in this market in both embedded and external formats and our engineers can solve almost any connectivity requirement.

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Public Address, Paging and IP Intercom Systems, Music and Streaming Audio, Automation for Audio, and VoIP Players & Gateways

The Barix Network Audio devices are tightly integrated with the Barix Automation devices providing support for the operation, monitoring and management of associated functions such as gate controls and security systems.

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Protection for Networks
  • Secure Console Servers are a more effective way to monitor and manage servers and networking equipment.
  • Console management provides secure and reliable remote access.

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Specialist Industrial Strength Network Systems that will perform flawlessly in hazardous conditions.
  • Network Design
  • Product Sourcing
  • System Integration

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